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To prepare yourself for your massage, taking a nice warm shower, or a short soak in the bath is a great way to start to unwind. It makes it a pleasant experience for both the therapist as well as you, the client. Don't worry about your body type or appearance. Massage therapists have seen hundreds of bodies of all shapes and sizes. I am here to work on YOUR body, and to do what I can to make this a positive experience for YOU
How do I prepare for a massage?
Like any new experience it's only natural that you are apprehensive. Most people that come for a massage are nervous on their first visit .....both men and women. I understand this and do everything I can to make you feel comfortable. I leave the room when you get undressed and when you need to turn over. You can take off or leave on as much of your clothing as you like. It is entirely up to you to decide what you want to wear. During the massage the client is always covered with a sheet. Any area being worked on is temporarily uncovered, except the groin and the chest (female clients). As a rule of thumb, anything covered at the beach will remain covered during the massage. The abdomen is only uncovered if doing abdominal massage. If you ever feel uncomfortable with any area of your body being worked upon, just tell me. I can avoid that area during the massage.
I've never had a massage before and I am nervous. Do I have to undress for my massage?
What is massage like?
Where will your massage take place?
What are the benefits of Massage?
Research has shown that massage may increase blood circulation to muscles and soft tissue, aids in toxin release, increases lymph flow and endorphins, reduces heart rate and boosts energy levels. While benefits vary according to the type of treatment performed and the specific individual, massage and therapeutic bodywork can aid:

Acute and chronic pain (back, sports, arthritic)
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Digestive disorders
Menopausal symptoms
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
The massages that I provide are either Therapeutic/ Holistic Massage or Deep Tissue Massage. I use the palm of my hands, thumbs, knuckles, forearms and elbows (to do deeper work). Massage include kneading, petrissage,effleurage, skin rolling, percussion, stretching, joint mobilisation and rubbing . Generally, it is very relaxing. Before I begin your massage, I will start the session with an initial consultation which of course is strictly confidential. It takes about 5-10 Mins to make sure there are no contraindications by asking you a series of questions relating to your medical history and questions about any areas of the body you feel require special attention (such as the neck , shoulders,back... etc). Feel free to ask me any questions or to go over any concerns that you have before, during or after your massage.
The room is peaceful, comfortable and private. You will lie on a massage table and will always be covered with a sheet. Please keep in mind that I'm there to ensure that you feel completely at ease during your treatment.
Will oils or lotions be used?
I use grapeseed oil mixed with lavender which is quite safe but if you have any allergy please let me know in advance
Is massage safe? Are there any side effects?
Yes, massage and therapeutic bodywork are safe when performed by a qualified practitioner. This is why it is important to make sure you always choose a fully qualified therapist.

Typically, massage has no side effects. However, talk to your primary health care provider first if you have any medical conditions such as if you have just had an operation, are currently pregnant, suffer from heart problems, slipped discs, deep vein thrombosis, skin infections, veneral disease, Oedema (swelling), bacterial or viral infection or a nerve injury( that may be aggravated by massage ) etc...
How long do the effects of massage last? How often should I receive massage?
The duration of the effects of a massage vary greatly from person to person depending on your physical and mental condition, activities, ability to relax, and ability to heal and current problems you may be experiencing. If you are receiving massage to help heal injury or to get rid of chronic pain, you may need to receive weekly massage.
If you are receiving massage for prevention, health maintenance, or just to feel better, you have more leeway in how often you receive massage. The effects of regular massage are cumulative. A massage every week or two can make a big difference in your overall health and tension levels. Even a monthly massage is beneficial. Make regular massage part of your health maintenance program (along with good nutrition and exercise), and you'll feel better.
Mobile Massage Price List For Central London:-

Mobile Massage Cost for 1 hour of Deep Tissue or Holistic Massage - 80

Mobile Massage Cost for 90 Mins of Deep Tissue or Holistic Massage - 110
Please Note: 24 hours notice is required in the event of a cancellation otherwise I have to charge
Massage By Toshi
Things to do after Massage
Because many toxins are released during massage it is very important to drink plenty of water after a massage to help eliminate these from the body. It is also advisable to carry out gentle stretching to help your muscles loosen up even more. A relaxing hot bath helps as well to further enhance the relaxation process.
Price List For Kingston Upon Thames :-
Cost for 1 hour Deep Tissue or Holistic Massage - 50

Cost for 75 Mins of Deep Tissue or Holistic Massage - 60

Cost for 90 Mins of Deep Tissue or Holistic Massage - 70

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