About Me

My name is Toshi Jamir . I am fully a qualified M.T.I. (Massage Training Institute) registered practitioner. I am originally from Nagaland which is situated in the north-eastern part of India bordering Myanmar (Burma) and China. Massage is a part of our culture and I have been massaging since I was 15.

I have over 20 years experience massaging in both India and the UK. I undertook my professional qualification in massage at the Bristol College of Massage and Bodyworks (BCMB) in 2004.The MTI course is one of the most intensive and thorough massage courses available in the country. In order to qualify you need to undertake a minimum of 1 year's training which covers anatomy, physiology and pathology together with 50 hours worth of massage practice most of which is supervised. Furthermore in order to maintain my MTI registration I am required to undergo further training every year to keep me up to date with the latest techniques.

Your first appointment starts off with an initial consultation which takes about 5-10 minutes to make sure there are no contraindications i.e. a condition which makes a particular treatment or procedure inadvisable.

The massage that I provide attempts to address various medical issues such as
Stiff Neck and Shoulders
Whiplash Injury
Poor Circulation
Arthritis (Sub-acute stages)
Ankylosing Spondylitis (Sub-acute stages)
Boosting the immune system
Tense tight and aching muscles
Mental relaxation
Sports injuries

It is PROPER PROFESSIONAL massage unhurried, deep yet gentle. Massages don't need to be painful or light. There's difference between good pain and bad pain and when the therapist gets it right it's the best massage you'll ever have. You will get your full hours worth of massage. I'm not one of those where you go for a 60 minute massage and end up getting 45 minutes . I concentrate on areas that need more attention such as shoulders, neck or back and make a point of always finishing off with a full body massage which is very essential to feel balanced. The massage also includes stretching and joint mobilisation
Massage By Toshi
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